Dispose of Your Waste Responsibly by Renting Our Bins

Bin Rentals

Our bin rental service is an affordable and an efficient self-service solution to assist you with your project. By self-loading your bin, you can take the time in determining the waste items that you need to dispose of. Our lightweight, user-friendly waste containers come in various sizes. All of our bins have barn door access, which assists in loading the items from ground level with safety and ease.

We take the time to speak personally to you to fully understand the scope of your project and identify any special requirements.
All of your needs are extremely important to us and we strive to handle them as quickly and thoroughly as we can. Our commitment to you is to always keep our promises in all that we say we will do.

When You’ve Got Junk, We’ve Got Bins!

  • Cleaning out an estate?
  • Planning a renovation?
  • Moving or downsizing?
  • Removing home or office junk?
  • Just too much stuff? 

No matter what your project is, we have the right size bin. It’s that easy!

All you have to do is tell us about your project and we’ll recommend a bin size for you. You can then schedule a delivery and pick up date.


Waste Disposal Bins

Bin Sizes Range From 12 Yd, 14 Yd, 16 Yd, to 18 Yd

Designed Specifically for Residential Properties

Well-Maintained, Clean, and Identified

Lightweight and Driveway Friendly

Provide Driveway Protection Prior to Bin Replacement

All Bins Have Walk-In Access for Self-Loading

Who We Serve


  • Homeowners
  • Business Owners
  • Renovation and Restoration Specialists
  • General Contractors
  • Realtors
  • Home Staging
  • Personal Organizers
  • Hoarding and Decluttering Specialists
  • Landlords
  • Estate Lawyers
  • Leasing Companies
  • Warehouse Facilities
  • Property Managers
  • Property Maintenance
  • And More


  • Etobicoke
  • Mississauga
  • Brampton
  • Georgetown
  • Woodbridge
  • Concord
  • Vaughan
  • Milton
  • Oakville
  • Burlington

Non-Hazardous Waste

Household – Office – Warehouse – Garage - Shed:
furniture, appliances, personal effects, toys, magazines, books, boxes, cardboard, paper, electronics, filing cabinets, electronics, machinery, equipment, tools, patio furniture, barbeques, exercise equipment and much more.

Construction Debris – Renovation Materials:
metal, wood, drywall, plaster/lathe, ceramic tiles, cabinetry, countertops, carpet/underpadding, toilets, bathtubs, hot tubs, sinks, ceiling tiles, decking, siding, fencing, insulation, shingles, pallets and more.


Hazardous Waste (Not Accepted)

It is illegal to put any hazardous waste items into the bins. The Ministry of Environment (MOEE) considers hazardous waste items, including liquid paint, to be corrosive, flammable, explosive, poisonous, and toxic. Any of these items found in a bin are subject to environmental fines under the MOEE regulations. There are designated Municipal Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off locations, to which you can take these items to be disposed of safely and at no cost.

Corrosive: batteries, drain openers, oven cleaners, acids, and photographic solutions

Flammable: gasoline, motor oil, barbecue fluid, Varsol, paint removers, and other solvents

Explosive: propane tanks, aerosol containers, and flares

Poisonous and Toxic: liquid paint, pesticides, motor oil, cleaning solutions, pharmaceutical drugs, medicines, medical waste, or sanitary waste


We are environmentally responsible and strive to ensure that the minimum amount of waste goes into our landfills. We make every effort to direct certain types of waste to transfer stations that can convert the waste into recyclable materials, such as wood, metal, drywall, ceramic, cardboard and paper.

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