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Roof Repair Tips

Homeowner Roof Repair Tips Keep your roof in tip-top shape with these smart maintenance and repair ideas. A leaking roof can cause serious and costly damage to your house. Infiltrating water can destroy drywall or plaster, cause mold, and even rot framing. You should repair a roof as soon as possible after the damage occurs.…

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Donating Items

Recycle Household Items & Materials Junk Mail & Cards: You can recycle most of the mail that comes into your home. Make it easy by placing a small recycling bin next to the door you use to retrieve your mail. This helps you remember to recycle junk mail as you walk back inside. Recycle the…

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Home Renovations

Preparing for a Home Renovation Renovating Your Home Can Be One Of The Most Stressful Times. There are always some inconveniences when it comes to home renovation projects. These helpful tips may assist in reducing some stress in your home and family by preparing in advance. Temporary Living Arrangements With smaller projects, like bathroom and kitchen…

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